Whey separator J5-OH-2S

Whey separator

Separator J5-OH2-S with centrifugal automatic periodic discharge of sediment is intended for cleaning whey from casein dust and fat.
Capacity, l/h 10000
Rotation speed of the bowl, с-1(rev/min) 83,3±2 (5000±120)
Power of electric motor,kW 15
Overall dimensions, mm
width 950
height 1690
Weight of the separator in a complete set of delivery, kg, max 1520
Starting product (Under cheese whey), %:
Dry substance 5.5-6
Lactic fat 0,45-0,7
Casein dust 0,19-0,96
Acidity, ?Т, max 14-19
Temperature of separation , ?C 35-40
Starting product (quark whey)
Dry substance 5,5
Lactic fat 0,2-0,3
Acidity, Т, max 60
Temperature of separation, ?C, min 25
Under cheese whey after separation should contain, %, max:
Fat 0,05+0.03
Casein dust 0,06
Curds whey after separation should contain, %, max:
Lactic fat 0,07
Fat content of obtained lactic fat, % 22-40
Pressure of whey at the outlet, up to bar 3,5
Pressure of buffer water, kgf/cm2 , min 2,5

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