Repair of equipment

Why is the equipment broken down?

How to slow down the wear of equipment?

To ensure the proper operation of equipment within all service life it is necessary its routine maintenance. The practice confirms that unscheduled maintenance leads to sharp growth of failures of equipment, reduction of life, and total growth of production costs.

Your company can use the qualified engineering service of our enterprise concerning after-sales servicing and repair.

We have possibility to offer you after-sales service and repair for launched equipment.

After-sales service

After-sales service is the maintenance of equipment according to the agreement within specified period (a year or more), that includes:

Repair of equipment

It is important the timeliness at repair. If it is made at normal wear, the costs will be not so high. If the repair is restoring, it requires considerable pecuniary and labour costs.

If the repair is necessary, we will help you without fail. JSC “Plava”services all range of equipment currently and earlier launched. The repar operations are made according to operation card by highly skilled specialists.

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Request for repair or service
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