Rich fat cream separator J5-OVRP-0.15M

Rich fat cream separator

It is intended for separation of cream of fat content 30-40 % into rich fat cream and butter milk with simultaneous cleaning from mechanic admixtures in the butter production line.
Technical characteristics
Capacity by rich fat cream, kg/hr.
for sweet cream butter(82,5%up to 89%) 350
for special butter (78,4%) 600
for peasant butter (72,5%) 1100
for sandwich butter (61,5%) 1800
Rotational frequency of the bowl, c-1 (rpm) 108(6500)
Motor power, kW 5,5
Overall dimensions, mm, not more:
length 855
width 655
height 1343
Weight of the separator, kg. 450
Technological characteristics
Separation temperature, ?С 65-95
Pressure at the outlet of butter milk, MPa (atm.), not more 0,4 (4,0)
Fat content in starting cream, % 30-40
Acidity of starting cream, ?Т 18
Moisture content in rich fat cream, %, not more
for sweet cream butter (82,5%) 15,3
for special butter (78,4%) 19,3
for peasant butter (72,5%) 24,3
for sandwich butter (61,5%) 34,4

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