Milk clarifier J5-Plava-OO-5

Milk clarifier

It is designed for cleaning of milk from mechanic admixtures and mucus.
Capacity, l/h 5000
Power, kW 7,5
Overall dimensions, mm
length 1200
width 900
height 1400
Temperature of separation, ?C 35-45
Rotation frequency of the bowl, C-1 (rev/min) 108,3±2 (6500±120)
Time while the bowl gains its working revolutions, min 5
Group of cleanness of separated milk by GOST 8218 1
Pressure at the outlet of clarified milk, MPa (kgc/cm2) 0,34 (3,5)
Pressure of buffer water, MPa (kgc/cm2) 0,24-0,48 (2,5-5,0)