Milk clarifier J5-Plava-OO-30

Milk clarifier

Milk cleaner is designed for milk cleaning from mechanical impurities and milk slime.
Technical characteristics J5-ОМ2-ЕS:
Type of the separator - a cleaner with centrifugal periodic discharge of sediment.
Capacity, dm3/hr 30000
Rotational speed of the bowl, c-1 (rpm) 74±2 (4440±120)
Motor, power of the electric motor, kW 18,5
Overall dimensions, mm
Length 1300
Width 950
Height 1580
Total weight of the separator, kg, not more 1425
Technological characteristics:
Temperature of separation, ? C 65-75
Group of cleanness of separated milk 1
Pressure at the outlet, not less, kgf/cm2 3
Pressure of buffer liquid, kgf/cm2, not less 2,5

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