Website of JSC «Plava» is a winner of XII All-Russian Internet Concours «GOLD SITE»

On October 18,  2012 in the frames of Fifth Russian Internet Week  (RIW 2012) the results of the concours «Gold Site» was decleared  .

«Gld Site» is the oldest competition of It was established in 1997 with association with  IBS, APC, Intel and Microsoft companies.

The website of JSC  «Plava» became a winner of  XII All-Russian Internet Competition «Gold Site» nominated by «Industry and production» in Central Federal Region.

The jury of the concours «Gold Site» is headed by Director of Russian Association of Electronoic communucations, executive director of Ru.Net Award , member of the board  ROTsiT  Sergey Plugotarenko.

The staff of jury includes the CEO of the biggest web-studios and Internet agencies of Russia, as well as well-known specialists in Internet marketing field. 



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