About JSC «Plava»

JSC «Plava» is the first enterprise of manufacturing of liquid centrifugal separators in Russia.

The principal applications

JSC «Plava» is directed to the development of the following directions:

The industrial enterprises in all branches of industry are faced with on different problems those solutions are based on the application of these technologies.

For more than seventy-year history, specialists of JSC «Plava» gained a great practical and engineering experience in the decision of these problems

JSC «Plava» is the biggest manufacturer of separating equipment on the territory of Russia and CIS countries.

Industrial developments

Separating equipment and similar units are successfully applied in different branches of industry:

Countries and continents

Separators of JSC «Plava» woks in more than three thousand enterprises on the territory of Russia and CIS countries.

The sales geography covers five continents: North and South America (the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Columbia, Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru); Central and Western Europe (Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Israel); Africa (Tunis, Republic of South Africa, Nigeria): Asia (Iran, India, China, Mongolia, Thailand); Oceania (New Zealand).

The official dealers of JSC «Plava» works in the USA, Honduras, Argentina, Bulgaria, Litva, Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, India, Iran.


Nowadays more than 400 peoples wok in the JSC «Plava». There are machining workshop, assembly shop, bowl parts processing shop, heat-treatment and metal plating section on the plant.

Seventy-year experience

The first separator was designed by JSC «Plava» in 1938.

Since that time the enterprise accumulated the great experience in design and manufacturing of centrifugal equipment.

All engineering, technical and operating documentation are designed by engineering, process and functional departments of the enterprise.

The accredited test, measuring and chemical laboratory allows to control all production stages: from logistics to samples testing.

Production management

The service maintenance and rendering of wide range of services is the obligatory condition for existence in global changeable market.

The mean-time supply of any spare parts, servicing, commissioning warranty, intermediate and major-repair, traning of customer’s staff, selection of equipment by making of experimental works, is the most important part of enterprise’s policy aimed to attract new partners of supply and servicing of equipment..

JSC «Plava» offers the longest warranty period for launched products among more than 20 manufacturers of separators.