Dairy industry

The Old Indian medical treatise Ayurveda said that milk is the most valuable product in the Universe as it favours not only physical, but also spiritual growth of the person. Antique philosophers determined milk as life juice and white blood, and academician Ivan P. Pavlov still being one of the scholar of authority in Russia and in the world, called milk as «food prepared by the nature itself".

Milk is the universal product for all mankind, despite of age, racial and sex. In different regions of the world, the culture of milk consumption differs, hence such variety of dairy products is: milk, kefir, yogurt, koumiss, butter, cottage cheese, curdled milk, fresh cheeses, salted and hard cheese, airan, sour cream and etc..

It is known about therapeutic properties of milk and dairy products from old times. Avicenna underlined the milk salutary force, and Hippocrates treated nervous disorders by the adulterated donkey milk. The tuberculosis is treated by koumiss in the Orient. Modern physicians recognize that milk is very useful in case of atherosclerosis and chronic diseases of liver. Besides, milk lowers pressure in case of a hypertension

Cultured milk foods are simply irreplaceable. These products are useful to health because they include a large number of useful bacteria - the important component for intestines function. The condition of intestine influences all human body, maintenance of microflora of gastrointestinal tract in a normal state is one of the main conditions of our health.

In case of the use of one liter of milk in a day, the human receives almost completely fats necessary for it, calcium, phosphorus and Riboflavinum, 50 % of proteins, 33 % of A vitamin, ascorbic acid and thiamine, 25 % of energy, and also the full range of mineral matters, except iron, copper, manganese and magnesium.

Production volumes of different types of milk grow annually all over the world. JSC «Plava» offers the separators applied in production practically of all dairy products. These are separators for removal of bacteria and somatic cages, defatting and milk normalization, purification of milk and different types of serum.

We offer the wide range of separators both for the installation in existing production lines and the full turnkey dairy products production lines. These are such engineering lines as butter and spread production, cultured milk food production,production of traditional and fat-free cottage cheese, cleaning and clarifying of cheese and curds whey and many others.