Cream separator J5-Plava-500


Cream separator J5-OSCP–3 with automatic periodic sludge discharge is designed for separation of whole milk into cream and skim milk with simultaneous cleaning of impurities. Type fo separator: of open type with manual sludge discharge. Application field is farms, dairy industry.

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Capacity, l/h 500
Power, kW 0,55
Overall dimensions, mm
lenght 755
width 420
height 700
Rotation frequency of the bowl, С-1, (rev/min) 133-4 (8000-240)
Temperature of separation, ?C 40-45
Acidity of incoming whole milk, ?T 16 – 18,5
Fat content of separated milk, % 3-5
Cleanness group of clean milk by GOST 8218 1
Density of separated milk, kg/dm3 1,026 – 1,033
Milk conservation period before separation, h 24
Volumetric ratio of cream to skim milk 1:4 – 1:12
Fat content in skim milk by Gerber, % 0,04