Separators for pharmaceutical products clarifying

  • J5-AS-4E
    Separator is intended for separation of polydispersive emulsion obtained in the process of the third cleaning stage of antitoxic serum by the method “Diaferm 3 IZM АМN USSR” into two fractions – chloroform and suspension of ballast products (proteins) of proteolysis without forming ballast proteins coagulate in the bowl of the separator. It is possible to separate analogous emulsions. Field of use – medical suspension.
    Capacity: 45 - 50 l/h
    Dimensions: 610x385x635 mm
    Power: 0,55 kW
  • A1-ASS
    The separator is intended for medical suspensions clarifying.
  • J5-ASE-B
    The separator is intended for continuous clarifying of culture liquid with volumetric content of suspended particles 1%, not more.
    Capacity: 2000+300 l/h
    Dimensions: 1170x1040x1580 mm
    Power: 15 kW
  • J5-AECP-2.5
    The separator is intended for continuous separation of free fatty acids from glycerin water
  • J5-ASG-3M
    The separator is intended for extraction of ballast proteins at production of antitoxic serum, extraction of microbial bodies, anatoxins, clearing of different medical suspensions.
    Capacity: 100 l/h
    Dimensions: 730x580x330 mm
    Power: 0,55 kW