The separator J5-ARCG with automatic centrifugal sludge discharge is designed separation of animal blood (cattle, swines) into plasma and cells without hemolysis (coloring of plasma in red). Type: separator, closed, self-cleaning.
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Technical specifications
Capacity by blood, l/hr., 2000-5000
Rotational frequency of the bowl, C-1(rpm) 72±2 (4300±120)
Power, kW 15
Overall dimensions, mm,
length 1260
width 1260
height 1865
Mass of complete set, kg, not more 1630
Technological specifications
Separation temperature, ?C 4 – 20
Pressure at the outlet of red cells, MPa (atm), not more 0,35 (3,5)
Output of plasma, % 60-67
Clarifying quality of plasma – slight opalescence is allowed