Separators of blood

  • J5-AS2-J
    The separator J5-АS-2J is intended for separation of citrate blood of producing horses and other animals in two fractions - plasma and forming elements without haemolysis (without coloring plasma in red), and also for separation of defibrinated blood of animals into serum and forming elements.
    Capacity: 140 l/h
    Dimensions: 710x650x101 mm
    Power: 0,55 kW
  • J5-ARCG
    The separator is designed separation of animal blood (cattle, swines) into plasma and cells without hemolysis (coloring of plasma in red).
    Capacity: 5000 l/h
    Dimensions: 1260x1260x1865 mm
    Power: 15 kW
  • A1-FKJ
    The separator of A1-FKJ model is intended for separation of farm animals' (neat cattle, pigs) blood into plasma (serum) and forming elements (red cells) after blood stabilization (defibration). Field of application – meat- processing industry.
    Capacity: 250 l/h
    Dimensions: 780x380x800 mm
    Power: 1,5 kW